Help Us Fight the New Bengeo Quarry Planning Application
A new planning application has been submitted for a quarry north of Bengeo
Appeal Lodged Against Refusal of Planning Permission
As well as a new planning application, an appeal has also been lodged against refusal of the first planning application, meaning we are now fighting TWO campaigns
Keep Bengeo Field For The Community
Air and water quality are under threat

New Planning Application

Applicant Appeals Decision

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About Us

We are a group of concerned residents who oppose plans for gravel extraction in Bengeo, north of Hertford.

In March 2016, Hertfordshire County Council received a planning application to open a quarry in the beautiful fields between Sacombe Road, Wadesmill Road (B158), and St. John’s Wood. The site is south of the now defunct Rickney’s Quarry, which was mothballed in the 1990s.

The proposal was for the extraction of gravel over a fifteen year period (later reduced to ten years).

Following a year long campaign, the County Council’s Development Control Committee refused planning permission on 22nd March 2017.

However, the applicant has now registered an appeal with the Planning Inspectorate to overturn the County Council’s decision – a process that could take up to a year. In addition, they have also submitted a *new* revised planning application to the County Council.

We will continue to oppose plans for gravel extraction in Bengeo – both the appeal made to The Planning Inspectorate and the revised planning application made to the County Council. These are two separate processes which we will vigorously fight on both fronts.

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“On behalf of Bengeo School, I would like to reiterate our opposition to the proposed excavation of sand and gravel at the proposed Bengeo quarry. The possible dangers to health from particles of silicates in the air could be particularly threatening to children who have asthma. The suggestion from the Public Health Service to surround the school with dust monitors is neither practical nor manageable. The role of a school is to educate children, not to monitor dust levels. We continue to support the Stop the Bengeo Quarry campaign and would like to thank all of those involved for their commitment and determination to support the best interests of individuals and families who live in Bengeo.”

Mrs Julie Starkiss, Headteacher of Bengeo Primary School



  • destruction of Bengeo’s beautiful unspoilt countryside which will essentially become an industrialised area.
  • widespread exposure to harmful mineral dust for residents and children attending Bengeo Primary School
  • a huge increase in traffic with 100 or so HGV lorries visiting the site each day
  • lorries turning onto the narrow B158 Wadesmill Road which will increase the potential for accidents on this already dangerous road
  • 10 years of increased air and noise pollution caused by lorries and machinery at the site
  • erosion and damage to local roads and potential for burst water mains
  • a huge risk of irreversibly polluting Hertford’s water supply

What Can I Do?

  • Write to The County Council with your views
  • Speak to your local councillors
  • Sign the petition
  • Put up a poster
  • Spread the word

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