In January we launched our Bengeo Field Landscape Survey to find out more about how people use the land north of Bengeo.

We now have the final results of our Bengeo Field Landscape Survey, showing evidence of how much it is used and liked.

Some Facts

The survey attracted 417 respondents.

14.5% of respondents used the field 3 times per week or more, whilst 69% of respondents used the filed once per month or more

95% of respondents thought the view over the field either special or very special

The most valued elements of the view were the distinctive natural undulation (76.5%) and the view down to the Lonely Oak (72.5%).

Most valued use of the field:

  • Walking in green space 75%
  • Enjoying open green space 75%
  • Away from housing and development 65%

Most common activities:

  • Walking 84%
  • Part of longer walks 52%
  • Dog walking 36%
  • Mountain biking 24%

Other activities:

  • Horseriding
  • Playing with children/grandchildren
  • Wildlife photography
  • Gathering mushrooms, hazel nuts and berries
  • Bird watching
  • Nature exploration
  • Picnics

Here are some of the comments that came out of the survey:

“It would be a travesty to destroy such a beautiful landscape”
“It’s a stunning view, fresh air, see for miles. I love the ever changing colours during the seasons”
“From Sacombe Road the view across the field is inspiring and irreplaceable.”
“This is a wonderful and well used natural amenity, close to the town and must be protected”
“Fantastic views from Bengeo Field towards Ware Park and uncluttered surrounding countryside”
“The landscape will never be the same if quarrying is allowed.”

» Read the survey report here