Press Release from Chapmore End Association

It is with great pleasure that the residents of Chapmore End announce that they have formed an alliance with the Stop Bengeo Quarry campaign.

Chapmore End is a small hamlet of around 30 houses and although we have had a lot of success fighting gravel extractions for more than 30 years, we are still fighting to protect our environment.

We know the developers intend to appeal against the HCC Committee’s decision to reject the Bengeo Field quarry proposal. In addition, they are also expected to submit a separate new application. Also imminent is a public consultation and decision from HCC regarding the Minerals Local Plan, which will identify the preferred areas for mineral extraction. And with the future of Rickney’s quarry still uncertain, we believe it is important that we make every effort to join forces with the residents of Bengeo and other local areas.

The residents of Chapmore End have been very impressed with the way Bengeo and Hertford residents have come together to fight against gravel extraction close to their school and houses, and we are confident that both communities will be able to work very successfully together in the future.

Terry Mansfield CBE and Russell Norris will represent Chapmore End at the Bengeo Steering Group committee and enjoy working with such talented people who care about the environment and the community we live within.