Herts County Council listened to our concerns and refused planning permission for the quarry last year. They are now recommending that Bengeo and Rickneys are removed from the Minerals Local Plan as a “preferred area for minerals working”.

You can now help to protect Bengeo from quarrying for good. All you have to do is add your name, address on page 1 of the attached Representation Form, sign and date on page 2, then post it to the address on page 2, or deliver the form to County Hall before 5pm Friday 9th February. This form supports the plan to remove Bengeo and Rickneys as a “preferred area for minerals working”.

Once the Minerals Local Plan is adopted and the area is no longer designated a “preferred area” it is very unlikely that any future applications for quarrying in the area would be approved.

By signing and returning this form you will play a vital part in ensuring that Bengeo never again has to face the risks posed by quarrying to our water supply, health and well-being.

Help preserve our clean air, fresh drinking water, rolling landscape, rights of way and the public amenity of our beautiful countryside for future generations.

Please do not hesitate. Make sure your voice is heard. Please complete and return the Representation Form today.

» Download Omission Sites Representation Form (Microsoft Word format)

» Download Omission Sites Representation Form (PDF)

Remember – this is a separate process to the revised second planning application for a quarry to be decided in early Spring 2018.