Hanson have submitted a planning application to re-open the old quarry south of Chapmore End.

The abandoned site is immediately north of St.John’s Wood and Bengeo Field. The site access road joins the B158 Wadesmill Road around 600 metres north of the proposed access road for the Bengeo Field quarry.

Laminated notice attached to wooden post

The Rickneys site closed in 2001 but Hanson have in the past submitted further applications to extend the operation, the most recent being in 2013 when they asked to extend the timeframe to 2017. This application was approved by the County Council but no formal Planning Decision was issued after a failure to agree Section 106 conditions associated with the plan.

Hanson have now amended this planning application, changing the date to 31st December 2021.

At the Public Inquiry in to the proposed Bengeo Field quarry, the applicant (Ingrebourne) made it clear they have negotiated with Hanson to use the existing access road for Rickneys, thereby overcoming any highways issues regarding the earlier proposals to access the site further south adjacent to the Revels Croft Farm entrance.

The Rickneys planning application therefore brings the Bengeo Field Quarry one step closer, although the Secretary Of State has yet to rule on the plans overall following this year’s public enquiry.

We would therefore urge everyone opposing Bengeo Quarry to also oppose any extension of Rickneys.

The deadline for comments on Hanson’s planning application is Monday 14th January 2019 (originally the deadline was 21st December 2018 but this has now been extended).

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